Q: What kind of payment options does offer?
A: offers 2 payment options:

Online credit card payment via iPay88 (Visa or Mastercard). Please note that the name will appear in your credit card statement and you will receive a notification email from Mobile88. The payment is processed by Sdn Bhd on behalf of

Offline bank-in (cash or cheque)
Please email for details of our bank account.
After bank-in, please email us at or fax us at 603-77265271 with the following details:
i.  Order reference number.
ii. Customer's name and contact number.
iii. Payment amount (indicate if cash or cheque)
iv. Date and time of bank-in
v. Cheque number, if payment by cheque
Please note that we will only process the order after the cheque is cleared or cash is deposited.

Q: How secure are my credit card details on the Justmarketing website?
A: We accept online credit card payments through iPay88 online payment gateway system. iPay88 is accredited by Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) with fraud prevention systems via Black list Database, Fraud Detection System, Fraud Monitoring & 3D-Secure. Please note that Justmarketing does not store any credit card information during an online credit card payment.


Q: When I click on the button "Credit Card Payment with iPay88", nothing happens after that. Why?
A: Please examine the settings of your internet browser to verify if the pop-up blocker is turned on. Please ensure that the pop-blocker is turned off.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools->Pop-Up Blocker->Turn-Off Pop-Up Blocker.
If the problem persists, kindly email David at or call 03-9200 5555. Or email Wai Kiong at or call 03-9200 5555. International customers may call +603-9200 5555.

Q: I cannot remove and add items into my shopping cart. Why and how can I resolve this?
A: It is most likely a memory problem at Internet Explorer. Please do the following:

1. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Delete Cookies
2. Press YES
3. Close your Internet Explorer and reopen it; the problem should be resolved.

If the problem persists, kindly email David at or call 03-9200 5555. Or email Wai Kiong at or call 03-9200 5555. International customers may call +603-9200 5555.


Q: How much do the baskets cost?
A: Retail prices are displayed here in Malaysian Ringgit (RM). Prices do not include handling/ packaging and transportation (choice of courier, air, or by sea) charges. Shipping and handling costs are based on the weight and size of the basket.

Q: How many baskets can you make in each design?
A: This depends on the number of pending orders and the workload of our weavers. It also depends on the weather as Malaysia's unpredictable and frequent rains often interrupt the paint-drying process.

Under normal circumstances, 200-300 small, painted baskets (brown/red/green) can be woven in one week, depending on the intricacy of the designs. Generally, those with handles are harder to make. On an average, 100-150 medium-sized baskets and 50-100 big ones can be woven in one week. Made-to-order baskets with special designs and colour combinations may take longer, depending on magazine availability.

For example, a buyer may place orders for baskets in winter colors and weavers need time to collect magazine pages with such colours. If a buyer does not request for a specific colour, it takes shorter time to meet the order.

We generally advise customers to allow a month for weaving 200-300 baskets (even if the baskets are small) so that they can be dried under the gentle morning sun. This will also allow time for magazine collection.

If there is a bulk order for 1000 or more baskets with a shorter production time, we will organise all our resources to meet the delivery timelines.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount?
A: Yes, the order should amount to at least RM100.

Q: Can I buy a custom-made gift basket?
A: Yes, provided your order is worth more than RM300. Please note that our weavers are all disadvantaged women and they earn an income through basket-weaving. Even if there are slight discrepancies in colour or design, we expect at least 80% of the total cost of the order to be paid. As for specific colours, the buyer must be willing to wait until we find the magazines with the right hue or combination of colors.

Q: Can I send a gift card with a personalized message in my gift baskets?
A: Yes, you may. Please inform us in the Description column of the Order Form.

Q: What about sales taxes?
A: No sales taxes are applicable if the baskets are picked up from our offices but sales taxes apply when the baskets are exported and collected overseas.

Q: Can I buy from the showroom and save on the delivery charges?
A: Yes, you could purchase directly from our office and opt for self-collection. Please click here to view our location map and opening hours.

Q: May I send Alcohol or Cakes in a Basket?
A: Yes, only if you live in the Klang Valley. Please specify the exact type/ brand of alcohol or cake and we will then calculate the cost of the item, including labour and handling costs, on an order-by-order basis.

Q: What if I want to return something?
A: The Eco-Baskets that we send out are in a perfect condition and are packed with care.

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management. Returns on damaged items will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, please notify us within 7 working days upon receipt.

Q: When should I expect delivery?
A: For overseas shipments using sea freight through the Malaysia postal service: We will advise you once the order is placed but please bear in mind that we need a maximum of 2 weeks to weave a basket. This only includes the production time. Including the shipment time, we always advise our customers to expect the goods to arrive at their door step within a 3-month period.

For local deliveries: If there is stock, delivery will be made within 2 days. If there is no stock. it normally takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the State the buyer is from. If faster delivery is required, we use DHL air freight and the delivery date should be within a week to 10 days. Please note that the DHL freight charges are much higher than sea shipment.

By air-freight: Please refer to International Delivery Standard for transit times.

Q: Can I order a basket today and have it shipped at some future time?
A: Yes, you may but it is important that you inform us of the expected delivery date so that we can plan ahead.

Q: Can I change the shipping address on my order?
A: Yes, only if you can notify our office within 2 weeks of the date the order was placed. Once the order is shipped out, we cannot re-route the package.

Q: What if you don't have a basket in stock?
A: If we do not have a basket in stock, we will inform you when the stock will be available OR have you choose another basket. Either we ship the rest that are in stock to you first and then ship the one not in stock to you later, or wait till everything is in order before we ship the whole lot. Please do note that shipping one basket separately will cost higher than shipping a group of baskets.


Q: What does it mean by Earth or Clear colour baskets?
A: Clear baskets come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Their designs include solid colors with a border, color combinations or multi-colors.
Earth baskets are made from recycled paper and painted with a brown toned paint. They look good against any color and are especially nice for a more subdued look.

Q: How do I care for my Eco-Basket once I have purchased it?
A: Although it is protected with water-proof shellac coating, do not dip it into water or spill any liquid onto it. As a paper-based product, rough handling will destroy the protective layer of shellac or paint thus causing damage to the surface of the baskets. Do not stack the baskets together without wrapping each one with a piece of cloth, plastic wrap or paper. The baskets are best maintained by placing them in a stationery spot. Example, a basket placed on a desk for storing key chains or a mobile phone will last a long time but if the basket is used for a picnic, the packing up, transport and set-up may damage the rolls.

Q: How do I prevent emails from (Justmarketing contact email) ending up in my Spam/Junk Mail folder?
A: It is easy - just add and into your address book and your mail server should recognize all emails from eHomemakers as non-spam mails.

Q: Does Justmarketing have an office that I can visit to view the baskets? If yes, where is it located?
A: Yes, you may visit our office at:

Corpcom Services Sdn Bhd,
28, Lorong Burhanuddin Helmi 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

By phone: 603-77265271 [Mon-Fri].

You can also purchase directly from the office.

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Our office operates from 8.30am until 7.00pm Malaysian time, everyday except weekends & Public Holidays.

Q: What does RM stand for?
A: RM stands for Malaysian Ringgit, the official currency of Malaysia.