Weavers Interviews


Justina worked for Salaam Wanita, eHomemakers’ Eco-Basket project. She tagged price cards to baskets and wraped them. She suffered from bipolar disorder and SLE, or as it is also commonly known as Lupus. Because of her illnesses, she had difficulties to make a living. Justina passed away in January 2011. 



Since she got a nerve disease, Agila could not find a job. However, she needs to pay 270R per week (about 80 US dollars) for her medicine. Eco-Basket project enable her to work at home. Having improved weaving skill, she creates beautiful baskets regularly. After she joined the weaving team, she could reduce the financial burden on her family.


Uma has two children: a four-year old daughter and a fourteen-month old son. She married young at nineteen to her husband, who works as a truck driver. He lacks a stable salary, however, and rarely makes enough to support the family. Together, they occupy a low-cost flat constructed by the Malaysian government. After marrying her husband, she hoped to contribute to her family’s income. She could not, however, find a job. No opportunities were flexible enough to allow her to also care for her children.


Lucy was the one of the first trainees for the Eco-Basket project, and she suffers from SLE. SLE (System Lupus Erythematosus), or usually called lupus for short, is one of the disorders of the immune system where the immune system turns against parts of the body, such as the kidney, heart, brain, and skin.