Salaam Wanita - Asha Carlos Photography

Source : , 25 July 2009

This is the second part to the charity shoot for a local NGO called eHomemakers and their Salaam Wanita members. These shots were taken in Kajang, the first is of Justina Low who suffers from short attention span and needs looking after but has taken an interest in cultivating earthworms to be sold to earn an income.

The second shoot was supposed to be of Nurol Shafika who was born with only 1 eye and sells murukus for a living. Due to an unfortunate accident on the day of the shoot, Nurol had to be rushed to the hospital to get her only eye checked as some oil had splashed into it while she was frying fish. Thankfully it was nothing serious.

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Justina at her flat


Paper mache are sprayed with water and used with fertilisers to cultivate worms


Cocoon like unhatched earthworm egg


An Earthworm


Justina’s pets


Thomas, a volunteer with eHomemakers was my guide for the day




Nurol with her son at the Serdang Hospital while waiting to see the eye specialist