We're looking for volunteers!


What?  Make a change to disadvantaged women’s lives, volunteer for our Eco-basket Project. It can range from the simplest things such as sending magazines to the women to representing us at our booths in huge events!

Who?  Anyone of any age or gender is eligible to be a part of our volunteer network! Wait no further, join us today!

When? Depending on your availability and the type of volunteer tasks at hand, we will keep you in the loop for help needed.

Where?  You could be joining us at the office (TTDI, KL) or helping out on-site, making an impact anywhere you can.

How?  Email us at admin2@ehomemakers.net of your profile and availability and we’ll get back to you really soon!


For more info, drop by our website: www.ehomemakers.net/ www.justmarketing.info or call us at 03-77319896