Creative and observant, Azlita is one of the weaving team's specialists in flat weave baskets.

On the surface, Azlita seems shy, but when she starts to talk about the weaving, her body language changes, she gestures and her face shows enthusiasm, happiness and self-confidence. Azlita is eager to learn more to develop her skills further. She enjoys designing her own types of baskets.

She lives with her husband, a transport personnel, and three children in a flat. Her eldest boy, now eight years old, has Downs Syndrome. He goes to a special school but he still needs more attention and more support at home than his younger siblings. Luckily, Azlita's husband is supportive of her weaving business. He picks up donated magazines, helps out with household chores and childcare when she is busy.

"Weaving helps me to relax. I weave as soon as my children go to bed." Basket weaving is a great opportunity to work from home as she spends quality time with her children. She fels great that she could contribute to the family income.