May Lee


Hard work is not something new to May Lee. Coming from a large family of 16 siblings, May did not have the opportunity to complete her education and had to start working from the age of 14 as a rubber tapper, a dim-sum seller and as a waitress. She got married in her late teens, and gave birth to a son and daughter soon afterwards. However, life dealt her another difficult hand when she was widowed 10 years ago, leaving her as a single parent and sole breadwinner for her two young children. With neither support nor savings to turn to, May slipped into depression. Although her depression was untreated, she managed to break out of it and shouldered the burden of raising her family bravely by taking on three jobs. May sold noodles in the morning, worked in a hair-dressing saloon in the afternoon and washed dishes for a restaurant in the late evening. The turning point for a better future for May came when she became part of eHomemakers' group of weavers, as she is now able to work from home and make up for lost time with her children. A disciplined person, May maintains a strict budget and hopes that the sales of her baskets will continue to give her a sustainable income.