Norzihan is an Ipoh-based Eco-Basket weaver. She attended basket-weaving using discarded magazine papers and now weaves from home while tendering to her 17 year-old son, who is suffering from cerebral palsy. Norzihan is a very hardworking and talented mother. She entered a Basket Weaving Course In Ipoh - The Second Weekend on Saturday, 13th March 2004 where she tried to win an individual prize in making a bakul telur (egg basket) using the same lidi strips. eHomemakers’ commitment is inspired by disadvantaged women who have successfully overcome their barriers such as Norzihan by taking control of their lives. These women’s experiences, challenges and triumphs drive eHomemakers to continuously innovate more ways to create home-based and low-capital income-generating opportunities. eHomemakers also won a third prize from the Photo Competition which was held during the regional workshop. The photo, taken by our volunteer photographer, Asha Carlos Harker, captured the moment when Norzihan was weaving her basket while tendering to her 17 year-old son, who is severely ill.