Uma is a young mother living in a low-income flat with her husband and two children in Kuala Lumpur. Her husband works as a truck driver, but the work and salary are rarely stable. She long hoped to contribute to her family's income, but the obligations of childcare, a limited education, and a lack of transport prevented her from working.

After talking to her mother-in-law, she found a way out. She discovered eHomemakers' Salaam Wanita Pro Poor Project, which will provide her the training, logistics, and advertising to sell her baskets. Currently, she participates in the Salaam Wanita training program, where she is learning how to maek a vast array of baskets, including wine holders, pencil boxes, and handbags. She plans to use the extra income from basket making to buy food, childcare, and tuition for her children.

In conjuction with the training, she is also participating in the support group for new basket makers, where she is learning skillls for goal setting, remaining calm, and building relationships. She expects Salaam Wanita to not only provide additional income for her children but to also empower her as a mother, a woman, and a entrepreneur.