Agila lives in Kuala Lumpur. Five years ago, her husband left her after the onset of a debilitating nerve disease. She now lives with and is supported by her family in a long house. Her illness makes finding employment difficult, as she struggles to walk and move.

In order to reduce pain and prevent further deterioration of her nervous system, Agila needs RM 1,080 a month or approximately 350 U.S. Dollars. In the past, making ends meet was difficult. Three months ago, however, she began learning the art of Salaam Wanita basket making and recently started milling flour for Hindu prayers at the local temple. This additional income is already helping her overcome the financial buren her medical bills present.

More importantly than her new income, however, is the mental self-worth, confidence, and happiness that her new found employment and earned income provides. Before starting with the Salaam Wanita project, she complained that she was "bored sitting around the house." Now, she keeps busy everyday. Asked if she is happy with the work, she exclaims with a big smile, "Yes, I am." 

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