Toh Oy Sim (deceased)

Toh Oy Sim's mounting health expenses weighed heavily on her mind. She was ill with kidney stones for the last 14 years. Kidney stones are a very painful disease. They cause sharp, cramping pain in the back and in the side area or lower abdomen. Sometimes they can even cause nausea and vomiting. Unfortunately, the pain can spread. The pain itself was very debilitating, but the treatments that Toh Oy Sim had also prevented her from working at full capacity.

Three times a week she had to go for kidney treatment leaving her to weak and tired for work on those days. In addition to the injections, Toh Oy Sim also went to the hospital every three months for a blood test. The medical expenses were quite heavy. To make matters worse, Toh Oy Sim, suffered from lung problems as a side effect of her kidney stones. She used to depend on the government hospital, but since her lungs were affected, she was no longer eligible for treatment. Yet medical expenses were still mounting. Toy Oy Sim's husband is diagnosed with kidney stones too and needs an operation that costs RM6000 (about USD 1800).

Finances in her home were very tight. During rainy days there was no income at all. Toh Oy Sim says that she couldn't even get enough money for food from her husband, who is a lorry driver, when health allowed. On such a low budget already, Toh Oy Sim still did her best to give money to needy relatives.

For Toh Oy Sim, Salaam Wanita is a good opportunity. She was still in the early stages, but already enjoyed rolling and saw the benefit in her life. Since she was too tired on days when she went to the hospital, she could roll and learn more techniques on the other days of the week. Before joining, Toh Oy Sim tried various jobs, but they were not stable and could not offer her the flexibility she needed to take care of her medical treatments.

The most attractive aspect of Salaam Wanita was the ability to earn an income. She knew that she despite health concerns, was still an able and productive person. She just needed the right work to match her condition.

She passed away peacefully in April 2012.