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Nyonya Handle Fruit Basket

Nyonya Handle Fruit Basket

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Weight: 600 grams
Stock: Stock available

Colours: Earth, Clear
weaves: 230
Carbon Footprint Emission: 1.27
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The Nyonya basket has a tradition deeply rooted in the Malaysian culture. "Nyonya" also means "woman" in the Peranakan Chinese culture. The Peranakan typically married the indegenous people of Malaysia and integrated their culture. As a result, these baskets clearly exemplify the deep integration of cultures in Malaysia. The medium basket can hold anything from your candles to your lotions and toiletries, while the large is perfect for fruit. They also make exeptional gifts for friends.

Diameter (top) :  11.5"
Diameter (base) :  9"
Height (from top to base) :  4.5"
Length of handle : 8.5" x 10" x 8.5"